Welcome to the collection of my monthly write-ups from our club's homepage, covering all kinds of topics related to Rotary and community service, as well as our club's activities. 
Happy Reading!
January is a notoriously cold month in Central New York. It's also scientifically proven that we get less sunshine than the rest of the country and we know we get a lot more snow than most. Put that all together and it can really get you down! Rotary is a great way to stay connected with others, do rewarding activities and just get you out of the hibernation.
We're Connected
Whether it's at one of our two weekly meetings, at a social event that we do each month or if you are helping at a fundraiser, volunteering with our club gets you connected with other people. We have fun together, work hard together and relax together. Rotarians often form true friendships so the fellowship extends beyond just Rotary meetings to lunches, coffee chats and visits with one another. That can be really helpful for anyone needing a little pick-me-up in the winter.
It's Rewarding
What our club accomplishes, even in the winter months, is fulfilling work. In January alone we will have a board meeting where we consider donations to support local programs, we will honor two students in our Students of the Month program and we will pitch in (in a big way) for The B'ville Big Chill event on January 20th. The latter is a fundraiser for our club and the chamber - a joint effort that's fun and makes a lot of what we do possible. 
So skip the hibernation this year and get to a Baldwinsville Rotary Club meeting! The schedule is along the right side of the page so you can see what's on our agenda. Pick a speaker that interests you or a day and time that's most convenient. See you soon and stay warm!
This time of year can be a mixed bag of emotions for people. Some feel festive, give more and frown less. Some are reminded of loved ones lost or memories past. Some have been jaded by the capitalism and commercialization of the holiday. Others are able to focus on the true meaning of the season (and whatever that is in their hearts). It is undoubtedly a busier time of year for many, whether you have to finish something by the calendar year, have family coming to town, more parties to attend or preparations for the change of seasons. So why is now the best time to join Rotary? Let me tell you!
Rotarians can still turn it up a notch at Christmas, but really we have that internal Christmas spirit all year-round. It's that magic that's in the air when everyone around you is there for all the right reasons, with hearts full of kindness and positive energy, that you can find at our club meetings all 52 weeks. We celebrate the holidays with things like our Thanksgiving Dinner the day before the actual holiday, where we'll be sharing what we're all thankful for this year. We have a club Christmas party and an area holiday gathering with five other Rotary Clubs. And we usually take a break from volunteering the week of the holiday to focus on our families and celebrations.
If the holidays are a lonely time for you, it's a great time to make new friends. One of the best things about Rotary are the life-long friendships you will make with people who live right in your community that you've never met before! While working on service projects, enjoying a weekly meeting or just attending a social event, you can't help but connect with people. We all have an easy common ground to start from - we want to help others through service. A great ice-breaker! So don't spend another holiday season feeling alone when our club is at the Red Mill Inn every Tuesday and Wednesday waiting for you!
Whether it's Christmas, Arbor Day or just a Friday, Rotarians put their hearts into it. We aren't a religious group, so you are free to be whoever you are and believe in whatever you choose, but we are sincere and genuine people who can get right to the heart of anything. You have to understand the human element in everything if you want to truly serve others who need clean water, education, care or shelter. 
Volunteering probably sounds like a big investment of your time, which you really don't have during the holidays, but Rotary is getting more flexible all the time. It's not about perfect attendance, but rather about perfect engagement, and what that means to you. If you can't make a weekly meeting, but want to pitch on the day of a fundraiser, we welcome you. If you want to focus on working with youth or seniors and not on fundraising, we welcome you. If you wish to get involved and move up the leadership chain to become Rotary International President, we welcome you. We have a diverse group that already includes leaders, workers, lunchers and committee members. Diversity is important for our club to be successful so feel free to join us at your level, in whatever capacity works for your lifestyle. Oh and bring the kids! We love having kids help us out with projects and to learn service at a young age.
So now you can see how the holidays are the PERFECT time to get involved with Rotary! There's a lot going on with you and with us, but we can make it work to your benefit. Make new friends, find new ways to give back and reconnect with the holidays again.
September is the time of year when kids go back to school and grown-ups tend to find their schedules slowing down. The weather gets cooler and days get shorter, meaning fewer BBQ's and more down time. It's the perfect time of year to consider volunteering to help others. With the holidays coming, we will hear more and more about those in need and you can be ready to help by being in Rotary!
The last few months of the year happen to be pretty busy for our club, with fundraisers, projects and celebrations. Here's what we are working on!
Youth Exchange Orientation Weekend
Rotary Youth Exchange students have arrived in Central New York from all over the world. They come together after their first few days of school for orientation right here in Baldwinsville. Rotarians from our club host the students in our homes so they have somewhere to stay locally for their weekend of training on how to be great ambassadors. It gives many members the opportunity to meet exchange students that are hosted by other clubs and spending their year in another school district.
Ride for Missing Children
On the last Friday of September, bikers will take to the streets for an annual fundraiser for The National Center For Missing & Exploited Children. Since the race ends in our community, our club has taken on the responsibility of providing meals for the bikers, including a PB&J sandwich along the way and a hot meal at the end. Thanks to local restaurant owner and club member Dawn, we have the resources and skills needed to pull it off. Several members of the club will volunteer to prep sandwiches the night before and to serve food at the Jones Road Sports Center at the end of the ride. 
Baldwinsville Rotary 5K Run/Walk to Stomp Out Hunger
Each November we host a beautiful, autumn race to raise money for the Baldwinsville Community Food Pantry. We've been able to donate thousands of dollars over the years and hope to continuing growing this event. Starting and ending on the school campus, with a course that goes through the Baldwinsville community, it's a great 5K for any level runner and for walkers alike. We put on an excellent event, with nice finisher medals and shirts for our participants, refreshments and prizes are provided after and it's all for a great cause. Click here for more information and to sign up to participate in this year's race.
Charter Night Celebration
In late October our club will throw itself a dinner party to celebrate our birthday. This year we turn 45 years old! Rotarians will come together for an evening of reflection on our successes, fellowship over some great food and usually some fun and games. Often we will host guests from around the district for this special evening too!
Being in Rotary isn't all work and it isn't all play. We get to make meaningful change and improvements in our community, help and serve others, and enjoy ourselves along the way. We hope you will consider visiting us at an upcoming event or meeting!
August is Membership Month in Rotary. It's the time of year, early on in the Rotary year, when we focus on how we are going to grow our amazing organization. What can we possibly say to convince someone to give their valuable time in a world where time is so scarce?
One thing we can tell you in Baldwinsville is that this is an exciting time to join a service organization. So much new stuff is going on as we meld our traditions with the modern world! So what's new?

Rotary Clubs no longer have strict attention policies (if any at all), we offer multiple meetings each week for you to choose from, members can more easily choose their level of involvement and these varied options also impact the cost of participation. Volunteering can fit into your lifestyle easier now than ever!
Over the years, our club has worked hard to put in place processes and systems that help new members get involved, familiarized with our organization and just to feel welcomed in general. All new members have a mentor to make them more comfortable joining meetings, introduce them to other club members, help new members find the projects they would be most interested in being a part of and just easing the transition for anyone new to the group. Leadership in our club is a mix of experienced members and newer ones so we are sharing knowledge and club history. We put together great fundraisers and events to serve our community that you can jump right in and help with!
Currently, our club is working on brainstorming sessions to generate new and out-of-the-box ideas for how Rotary can be better. This kind of open-mindedness is happening at every level of Rotary as we strive to find efficiencies in running clubs and more effective ways to improve the world around us. New members are encouraged to bring new ideas to their clubs!
If you've thought about getting involved by volunteering in your community to help others, we hope you will consider Rotary. You can set aside any and all preconceived notions or old things that made have made Rotary seem old-fashioned because we are embracing so many new approaches to putting Service Above Self that you might not recognize us right away!
July 1st means a new year in Rotary. That's how our calendar works. With each new years brings many new things for Rotarians, including new leaders, new projects, new starts and new themes. This year's theme is "Rotary: Making A Difference." Rotary International President Ian Riseley says that we can make a difference because Rotarians are "people of action." You will see this phrase more and more throughout the Rotary year as we find a way to sum up everything that Rotary does. 
With five avenues of service, six areas of focus and unique projects across all 34,000 clubs worldwide, it can be hard to tell someone what Rotary is in just one sentence. RI President Riseley hits the nail on the head with "People of Action," because regardless of which activities we do that you are passionate about, we get things done. Whether it's working with youth, providing access to clean water or medical care, working on housing or job creation, promoting peace and cultural awareness, helping mothers and babies, giving more people access to education or eradicating polio - we are getting things done. WE ARE PEOPLE OF ACTION!
Are you a person of action? Do you want to actually accomplish things in your community and make an impact on the world? Oh and have fun while doing it? Then Rotary might just be for you. Membership also comes with the responsibility to be honest, kind and ethical in all you do. You will be asked to use your professional and personal talents to enhance the club. You also need to be open to making new friends, because our group is fun, likes to spend time socializing and we joke around a lot.
If that sounds like something you'd like to be a part of and you are ready to take action, click here to contact us or just stop into a meeting. Our July schedule is just to your right and you can choose a Tuesday evening or Wednesday lunch to come visit. We hope to see you soon!
Seneca River Day
In it's 23rd year, this family-fun day just keeps getting better and better. We hope you are coming to Mercer Park on June 10th to celebrate our beautiful community on the river!

Our goal is truly to make it an affordable family experience that will keep everyone entertained. We have classic cars, food and crafts, live animals and live music, magic shows and hands-on kids projects, treasure hunts and competitions and much more. The Coast Guard Auxiliary will be on hand to teach you more about water and boater safety on the river too!
Again this year, meet Paw Patrol and get your photo with them (small donation per photo). 
We will also have several local mascots, including Scooch and Pops from the Syracuse Chiefs, Fidelisaurus from Fidelis Care and Flavor the Cow from Stewart's Shops. 
Of course we will have our Anything That Floats contest, where you can build a homemade raft and race it down the Seneca River for cash and bragging rights.
We will also have The Great Seneca River Duck Race at 7pm that day. Over $2,500 in cash and prizes are available for the first few ducks that cross the fun-noodle finish line, so make sure you get your duck tickets now or even at the park that day! 
What we don't have is an admission fee or any alcohol. It's just clean, free fun that's perfect for youngsters and enjoyable for grown-ups too! Please help us keep it that way.
You can support us through this event several ways:
1.  Buy your duck tickets. Click here to get them online, get them from your friendly B'ville Rotarian or at Mercer Park on Seneca River Day. While you are supporting our club, you are get a chance (or six) to win over $2,500 in cash and prizes!
2. Plan to have lunch or dinner at Seneca River Day at the Rotary Club's concession stand.
3. And support our vendors, listen to our musicians, enjoy the bounce houses or magician, get your photo taken with Paw Patrol characters, and build something in the Home Depot tent. A great turnout makes it better for everyone involved with making it a fun day, full of activities!
4. Support our sponsors - the local businesses and individuals that have donated prizes, cash and important stuff like fireworks to make this event possible and affordable. Click here to take a look at who sponsored us this year and consider giving them your business!
Our club has a lot going on this month with our book club, the Memorial Day parade, our Honor Tree program and preparations for Seneca River Day. It's a great time to get on board, either as a member or supporter of either of the two fundraisers.

Honor Tree
In it's second year, this new fundraiser is dedicated to serving our local veterans. We sell ribbons for $1 each, tie them to a rope and use the garland to decorate the trees on either side of the Genesee Street entrance to the Baldwinsville Public Library for the week of Memorial Day. It is a beautiful visual tribute to those who have or are serving our country. Each ribbon contains a message from the buyer honoring, remembering or thanking a service member.
Get your ribbons during all Rotary meetings in May or at the following locations:
M&T Bank on Downer Street
Key Bank on E Genesee Street
Canal Walk Cafe on Syracuse Street
Many thanks to Rotarians Marianne and Joan who are making this happen, and to all the businesses supporting us by selling ribbons for us.
The more ribbons we sell, the more we can decorate the trees and the more we can provide needed services to our military veterans!
Make sure you look for the Honor Tree during the Memorial Day Parade!

Seneca River Day
In it's 23rd year, this family-fun day just keeps getting better and better. We hope you will save June 10th to be at Mercer Park with us to celebrate our beautiful community on the river!
Our goal is truly to make it an affordable family experience that will keep everyone entertained. We have classic cars, food and crafts, live animals and live music, magic shows and hands-on kids projects, treasure hunts and competitions and much more. The Coast Guard Auxiliary will be on hand to teach you more about water and boater safety on the river too!
Again this year, meet Paw Patrol and get your photo with them (small donation per photo). 
We will also have several local mascots, including Scooch and Pops from the Syracuse Chiefs, Fidelisaurus from Fidelis Care and Flavor the Cow from Stewart's Shops. 
Of course we will have our Anything That Floats contest, where you can build a homemade raft and race it down the Seneca River for cash and bragging rights.
We will also have The Great Seneca River Duck Race at 7pm that day. Over $2,500 in cash and prizes are available for the first few ducks that cross the fun-noodle finish line, so make sure you get your duck tickets now or even at the park that day! 
You can support us through this event three ways:
1. Be a sponsor or donate a prize. Click here for details and see how we promote our sponsors.
2. Buy your duck tickets. Click here to get them online, get them from your friendly B'ville Rotarian or at Mercer Park on Seneca River Day.
3. Come out to Seneca River Day and support our vendors, listen to our musicians, enjoy the bounce houses or magician, get your photo taken with Paw Patrol characters, build something in the Home Depot tent and have lunch or dinner while there. A great turnout makes it better for everyone involved with making it a fun day, full of activities!
Click here for details on this year's bands, event sponsors and to buy your duck tickets online.

Anything That Floats
This isn't a fundraiser, it's just for fun. Build a boat to race on the Seneca River from Cooper's Marina to Mercer Park. Have a fun theme with costumes, using recycled materials for your boat and just have a blast!
Click here to check out pictures from last year's six participants, get the rules and start building your boat today!
April is a time of change. Hopefully the last snowflake is behind us and there are only a few more frosts before the flowers can confidently bloom. We get tulips and daffodils, birds greeting us in the morning, and more and more daylight. Are you ready for something new in your life through Rotary? 

Now is a great time to start in the Baldwinsville Rotary Club. We have many projects and activities coming up that you can get involved in to do good in our community. 

Tuesday, April 18th we will celebrate Earth Day a little early with our annual Canal Cleanup. We follow that hard work with a dish-to-pass dinner.

In May we have a book club meeting that includes a movie night, and our club participates in the community’s Memorial Day Parade.

All during April and May we are working hard to put together Seneca River Day, including getting sponsors, duck race prizes, selling duck tickets and booking all the fun for the hundreds of families that will be joining us on June 10th.

April is also Maternal & Child Health Month in Rotary. One of the ways that Rotary works to serve moms and children around the world is through our affiliated action groups. Rotary Action Groups are how Rotarians connect to work on different areas of need, but they are not run by Rotary International. The Rotarian Action Group for Population & Development (RFPD) is the group that focuses on Maternal & Child Health. Click here to see the projects they are working on around the world. 

Each day, over 25,000 children under 5 years old will die from starvation – that’s 9 million children each year.

350,000 mothers die each year from complications of abortion, pregnancy and childbirth.

A report from Johns Hopkins said, “Family planning could bring more benefits at less cost than any other single technology now available to the human race.”

When women can decide when to have a family, they can be more prepared to care for that family. Health education can help women be better equipped for pregnancy. And when women know how to prepare for and care for a family, their children have a better survival rate.
Mothers and children in less developed areas of the world face complex issues, including access to clean water, sufficient sanitation, disease prevention, maternal education and healthcare. By working in communities to address their specific needs, Rotarians work to not only provide access to basic necessities, they also work to serve the mothers, young women and children to improve their lives.

Seneca River Day
In the Baldwinsville Rotary Club, we celebrate the beautiful waterway that travels through our village with a family festival each June - Seneca River Day. In it's 23rd year this year, we have already started work to plan our event. Fireworks are being ordered, musical acts being booked, vendors are signing up to sell their wares and Rotarians are signing up to pitch in for our biggest day of the year! Most importantly though, we are seeking sponsors. Would you or your business be willing to support our event? We are looking for corporate sponsors to help fund the fun and entertainment and keep it free for families to attend Seneca River Day. We also need awesome prizes for The Great Seneca River Duck Race!
Click here to download a sponsorship flyer and learn more about all the recognition that comes with supporting our event.
Click here to learn more about being a vendor at our event too.
March is Rotary International's Clean Water & Sanitation Month.
With millions of people lacking access to safe water and sanitation, this is a big focus for Rotary. Water and sanitation are at the root of many problems.
When families have to travel miles every day just to get clean water, the task usually falls on the women in the family. For young women, that means missing school to provide for their family.
A lack of clean water or the proper removal of waste leads to the spread of disease.
When schools cannot provide private sanitation, young girls also have to miss a significant amount of school once they reach puberty.
Would you be able to focus on work if you had nothing to drink or no where to go to the bathroom?
Would your children be as successful in school under those same conditions?
It is KEY to improving lives that we start with these basics.
Rotary's goal is provide everyone with access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene by the year 2030. Click here to read more about how Rotary has had tremendous success with their approach to tackling this issue.

Seneca River Day
In the Baldwinsville Rotary Club, we celebrate the beautiful waterway that travels through our village with a family festival each June - Seneca River Day. In it's 23rd year this year, we have already started work to plan our event. Fireworks are being ordered, musical acts being booked, vendors are signing up to sell their wares and Rotarians are signing up to pitch in for our biggest day of the year! Most importantly though, we are seeking sponsors. Would you or your business be willing to support our event? We are looking for corporate sponsors to help fund the fun and entertainment and keep it free for families to attend Seneca River Day. We also need awesome prizes for The Great Seneca River Duck Race!
Click here to download a sponsorship flyer and learn more about all the recognition that comes with supporting our event.
Click here to learn more about being a vendor at our event too.

This month, Rotary will turn 112 years old and we celebrate Peace & Conflict Resolution Month.

It’s not every day that you can do something locally that will contribute towards world peace. In Rotary, we can support talented individuals to become the peacekeepers of the world through Rotary’s Peace Fellowships. Each year, 100 professionals are sent to Rotary Peace Centers for training, practice and networking so they can become leaders in our efforts to find world peace and resolve or prevent conflict. The fellowship covers all their costs of attending, including tuition, room and board, transportation, etc. 
Our Rotary Peace Centers were established in 2002 and prepare some of the world’s most dedicated professionals to resolve conflict and foster international cooperation. Settling border conflicts, drafting legislation and providing security are just a few of the jobs Peace Scholars will have.
Peace Centers are located in the US, Japan, Australia, Sweden, Thailand and the UK.
You can follow our Rotary Peace Centers on Facebook to stay in touch!

For many, the holiday season is when they support charities. Bell ringers and soup kitchens are on our minds more at Christmas-time than any other time of year. For some it’s their last chance to make donations for tax purposes too.
In Rotary, we focus on giving all year-round. And let me tell you, it’s a great feeling! Imagine the warm-fuzzies you get from buying a coat for a less fortunate child or knowing that your monetary donation will feed a veteran in need, and then imagine opportunities to feel that on a regular basis.
How much more fulfilling would your life be? Well that’s Rotary!
Since July, our club has:
-donated to area organizations like Clear Path 4 Veterans, the Ronald McDonald House of Syracuse and will be sponsoring the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation’s Great Strides Walk in April 2017
-given $2,500 to the Northwest YMCA to help underprivileged kids get scholarships for summer camp next year
-supported flood relief efforts in Louisiana
-sponsored two students to attend a local music program where they were mentored by professional musicians and given an opportunity to share their talents in a live concert
-served senior citizens a fun, summer BBQ at Canton Woods Senior Center
-installed new signage welcoming tourists along the Erie Canal, on Marble Street
-almost finished our distribution of dictionaries to every third grader in Baldwinsville as well!
-hosted a 5K run/walk to raise money for the Baldwinsville Community Food Pantry
Plus, there is so much more to be completed before the end of our Rotary year (June 30,2017). Each spring we have Earth Day clean-up, an Irish Hooley at McHarrie Life to entertain seniors, we award three scholarships to high school seniors, we will celebrate and remember our military service members with the Honor Tree program again…the list goes on and on.
Between education, community beautification, disaster relief around the world, supporting area senior citizens and working with kids, we have so many different causes. Are any of these close to your heart?
With no attendance requirements, flexible dues programs and two meetings each week to choose from, our club is very accommodating. Volunteering doesn’t have to be time consuming. You can choose to lead a group or be part of the hands-on team. This is the new way of Rotary and we would like to extend a warm welcome to anyone interested in checking it out for themselves!
This November is a particularly contentious one with our country’s upcoming election, so it’s a wonderful thing that we don’t do politics in Rotary! We do, however, have a great choice for you to consider that is honest, trustworthy and has an amazing track record to boot.

Rotary was started in 1905 in Chicago, Illinois by our founder Paul Harris. He banded together with fellow business professionals, rotating whose office they met in, working to improve their city. From those humble beginnings, we have grown to over 1.3 million members worldwide, and have raised billions of dollars to improve living conditions, health resources and access to education for millions of people. 
Rotary International Giving Outline from 2014/15 for District and Global Grants

Our foundation, the Rotary International Foundation (RIF), was given a perfect rating on Charity Navigator this fall. The way we handle the funds raised by our members and donated from the public is smart, and we keep our costs for fundraising and administration minimal since so many of us our volunteers. It’s a cause that is easy to get behind when you can trust that so much of what is given will get to people in need!
On top of all that we do to help others, Rotary also focuses on the individual and that makes membership very rewarding. Rotarians place a strong value on leading an ethical life of honesty, building goodwill and promoting understanding. Honesty and strong values in life and in business can sometimes seem hard to find, but not for a Rotarian. We are part of a network of people who live and work following The Four Way Test.
The Rotary Four Way Test

With a focus on having a diverse group of professionals in each club, you can count on connecting with businesses you know you can trust. But it’s not just networking. It’s forming genuine friendships with each other so when you need something, you know who to call and you authentically offer up your expertise in return.

Our group also focuses on sharing knowledge and cultures to promote good will and peace through understanding that at our core, we are all people. No matter where we are from, what religion we practice, what job we do – we are people. We connect with cultures through our Youth Exchange program and with each other through larger Rotary functions like conferences on district, zone and international levels. Our network of friendships spans the globe! As a Rotarian you can connect with other Rotarians while traveling, visit other club meetings when you are out of town and so much more! 
Whether it’s working on a project to help others, putting together a fundraiser so your club can do more or just sharing in each other’s company for fun, you are with like-minded people in a positive environment. 

What would make you choose Rotary?
Is the idea of volunteering scary to you? There are many reasons people might be afraid to join Rotary, but fear not! We are friendly and here to help. Let us help de-mystify some things for you.
It's nice that we are always inviting people to visit us at a meeting, but it can be intimidating to show up to a room full of strangers. We get that!
If you are interested in visiting us, just reach out in advance. Email us at bvillerotary1@yahoo.com to let us know you want to come and we are happy to facilitate. We will even pick you up from your home or office if you want to carpool.
Volunteering can seem daunting because, let's face it, no one has a lot of free time anymore. "Free time" has become an oxymoron! Well that's the great thing about Rotary and our club in general. We have so many activities going on all the time that you will have a big selection of ways to volunteer - working with kids, serving seniors, helping run club business, feeding the hungry, selling duck tickets - the list goes on and on. Pick one, two or ten ways to volunteer. Whatever works for you! 
Some might be afraid that Rotary is expensive, so let's clarify the costs for you. There are annual dues that help cover the cost of club functions, district functions and Rotary International administration. These are paid each July and can be split into bi-annual installments, with a total of $135 per year (this is different for each club). 
Each week our club hosts two meetings, so you can choose to attend on a Tuesday night for just $1 or have lunch on Wednesday for $12. 
At each club meeting we have a raffle and do happy dollars or fines - all of which are optional and just for fun!
Members are encouraged to consider the Rotary International Foundation for their annual charitable giving. As we are doing the good works of Rotary in our community, supporting our foundation on an international level supports our work around the world. And our foundation has a perfect rating on Charity Navigator, so you know you will get the most bang for your buck! But just like the happy dollars, this is not a requirement. Hopefully you would be inspired to give when you learn more about what we do.
Finally, there are dinners, conferences and events you can opt into attending that can range from $15 per person for a meal to a trip across the globe for an International Convention.
So you could join our club and attend every Tuesday, with a happy dollar at each meeting, for less than $20 per month!
Finally, there is nothing secretive about Rotary. No secret handshakes or hidden agendas - we promise! Our members strive to live by the Four Way Test, which encourages honesty and kindness in every aspect of life, and live to serve those around us. It's a very positive environment to be in that brings joy to members of all ages, from all backgrounds and of all spiritualties.
Hopefully the idea of volunteering in your community will seem a little less scary now!
If you have any questions you can always reach out to us on Facebook or via email any time. Look forward to meeting you soon!
September is Basic Education & Literacy Month in Rotary. Our organization does a lot around the world to improve access to education, battle illiteracy and make it a positive experience at every age level. Unfortunately, 67 million children have no access to education and more than 775 million people over the age of 15 are illiterate. It’s a complex issue that includes challenges related to health, nutrition, technology and so much more. Rotary Clubs around the world raise funds for the cause and clubs in areas of need are doing hands-on work to implement programs designed around individual community needs. It’s what make Rotary so successful in all of their ventures!

One organization helping fight illiteracy is CNY Books for the World, started by a Rotarian in Skaneateles and now a global effort. Learn more at www.cnybooksfortheworld.org. Just this past spring, Baldwinsville Rotary sponsored two palettes of books to help with shipping costs. 
Here is more information from Rotary International on our efforts surrounding education: https://www.rotary.org/en/learning-reference/about-rotary/basic-education-and-literacy

We invite you visit us at a meeting this month to learn more about what we do. We are a fun group that likes to make our gatherings light, friendly and productive. You can read more on our About Us page, email your questions to us at bvillerotary1@yahoo.com, but the best way to understand what we do is to just come by!

On Tuesday, September 20th at 7pm, we invite you join us at the Baldwinsville Public Library to learn more about our long term Youth Exchange program. The club is seeking student applicants who are interested in studying abroad during the 2017/18 school year. We are also in need of a host family for our student, Matt, from the Netherlands for the last leg of his stay this coming school year. Has your child expressed a desire to travel and learn? Would you family welcome learning about a new culture by inviting a charming and fun young student to stay with you? Our info night will help you understand the process of studying abroad and what is involved with being a host family. Experienced host families will be leading the event, sharing their stories of how rewarding it has been to host for over a decade now!
Join our Facebook event for the latest news and information on this special event.

baldwinsville rotary 5k run/walk for hunger

SATURDAY, NOV 12, 2016
10am | Baker High School
Each month Rotary has a theme to help us focus our efforts in serving humanity. This month is Membership Month and that takes on several different efforts - growing membership, pride of membership and improving membership.
Of course, we would like to start by inviting you to join us! We are seeking individuals who live or work in our community and are interested in helping to improve it, or perhaps someone who is looking to serve humanity on a global scale. We do both and everything in between. To be a Rotarian you must be prepared to be honest, kind, open to new cultures, willing to lend a hand and ready to make many new friends. We truly have a fun time planning our fundraisers, implementing projects and just socializing together. The first step is to let us know you are interested, so shoot us an email at bvillerotary1@yahoo.com today!
It’s important that as Rotarians we tell others about the good work we do here and around the world. Members should take some time this month to reflect on what makes Rotary important to them. In today’s world, free time is virtually a thing of the past. What makes you so committed to service that you carve out a space for Rotary in your life? Whatever that may be could become an inspiration to others, so share it. Tell a neighbors, post it on Facebook or tweet it from the mountaintops!
Make sure you wear your Rotary pin with pride. Members should consider wearing a pin or some form of the Rotary wheel every day. It can spark some great conversations about what we do.
Once you have joined Rotary, it’s important to club leadership that you have a positive experience, find something to be passionate about and that you feel welcome. During Membership Month we should all consider how we could make Rotary better for those around us – because of course we want to keep them coming back for more! Are we being inclusive? Are we open to new ideas or ways of doing things? Do new members feel informed? Are we providing opportunities to move “up” in Rotary with leadership training and informative workshops? It’s important that everyone can speak the same Rotary language or they will feel excluded, so be clear in your meeting or conversations what you mean when you say RYLA or DG or PHF.
RYLA = Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, a weekend-long leadership training program for high school sophomores and juniors held locally at Caz College each July
DG = District Governor, the leader of our group of clubs, which includes 43 clubs in District 7150 covering CNY and the Mohawk Valley
PHF = Paul Harris Fellow, the highest honor in Rotary, this awards represents a $1,000 contribution to the Rotary International Foundation

invitation to ribbon cutting for new sign and benches along erie canal, baldwinsville, ny

SATURDAY, NOV 12, 2016

Baker High School

Check out the fun we had at this year's Senior Citizen Summer Picnic
The Rotary calendar year starts on July 1, so it's a clean slate for all of us volunteers now!
We will start the month with a fun visit from a Russian Dance group at our July 6th meeting. Join us for the free entertainment!
We will also hold an annual event that is close to the hearts of many members of the club. It used to be a Christmas meal, but in order to work with Mother Nature (instead of against her) we moved it to July. We changed from a turkey dinner to a picnic-style meal. The goal is the same though - provide Baldwinsville area senior citizens with a free meal and some social time. We provide entertainment and wait on them for the meal. It's a fun and easy project for us to all get involved in!
Please note that for the summer we will be back at the church for all meetings. We have some big changes we will be announcing for the fall though!
Pictures from Seneca River Day are live on the page - click here to see all the fun we had that day!

Join us for a fun evening at Canton Woods with your favorite summer menu and entertainment, starting at 3:30pm. 
Free & open to all senior citizens residing in Baldwinsville!
Menu includes hamburgers, hotdogs, baked beans, coleslaw, fruit jello and cupcakes.
Join our Facebook event for the latest news and information!
The Rotary calendar year restarts on July 1, so this is the last month for our current leaders, time for renewal of memberships and when we transition to new themes and goals. In looking back on our year, we have accomplished a lot!
We have a dozen new members.
We have raised over $10,000 and distributed thousands back to the community through contributions to local charities and scholarship to high school students.
We have a new sign that is being installed along the canal.
We brought back the Pride of Workmanship dinner and presented five awards to employees nominated by their bosses for being such hard workers.
Click here to see our winners
We held our annual 5K Run/Walk for Hunger last fall and doubled our donation to the Baldwinsville Community Food Pantry.
We've had bunco nights, book club discussions, cooking classes, conference fun and so much more.
Our club is dynamic and growing and we would love to have you join in on the adventure as we start a new year serving our community!

Thanks so much to everyone who came out for this wonderful event. We lucked out with the weather after a storm in the morning, our entertainment was rocking all day and into the evening, the food was delicious, the animals were adorable, the activities were never-ending and there were so many smiling faces. We outpaced last year's duck ticket sales with 2,759 ducks racing on the river. We couldn't have asked for more!
Here is the list of this year's winners in The Great Seneca River Duck Race:
1st place: Richard Doran of Baldwinsville
2nd place: Janet Joslyn of Baldwinsville
3rd place: Doug Tosh of Baldwinsville
4th place: Lisa Rycraft of Liverpool
5th place: Sam Maunder of Baldwinsville
6th place: Dorothy Hill of Baldwinsville
7th place: Nancy Caswell of Baldwinsville
8th place: James Schaefer of Baldwinsville
9th place: Sue Krawiec of Baldwinsville
10th place: Donna & Dennis Schonewetter of Oneida 
11th place: Beverly Fairbank of Baldwinsville
12th place: Riley Loy of Warners
13th place: Jerry Gortner of Canastota
14th place: Nat Scott
15th place: John Lewien of Baldwinsville
Thanks to everyone who bought tickets and came out for this fun day! We hope to see you again next year!

We had SIX contestants in this year's contest and absolutely loved seeing all the fun themes and team spirit for each boat. Our sincerest gratitude goes out to all the folks that took the time to build boats and join us for the race!
Here are this year's contestants:
1st place: the B-Village People (shown below)
2nd place: The Simple Life
3rd place: Seneca Space Rangers
4th place: B'ville Library Floats Your Boat
5th place: SOS - Save Our Swans
Baldwinsville Rotary has been growing steadily since the start of the new year. Welcome to all of our newest members! We look forward to also growing the impact we have on our community by adding all these pairs of working hands.
We have a lot of projects in the works this spring and hope you will join us in our charitable efforts by becoming a member, supporting a fundraiser and coming out for Seneca River Day this year!

Support our newest project by purchasing a ribbon for $1.
Write a message of love, support and thanks to our soldiers and veterans for us to use in decorating the trees in front of the Baldwinsville Public Library for the week leading up to our town's Memorial Day Parade. 
Ribbons are available at the M&T Bank and the First Niagara Bank on Downer Street or at any Rotary Club meeting
All proceeds benefit Clear Path for Veterans 

Don't miss out on the most fun and affordable family day in our community. Free admission to Mercer Park starting at 10am, with fun activities, entertainment and contests all day. Food, crafts and duck tickets are also on sale all day! It will be the perfect place to bring the kids or grandkids, with fun for the grown-ups too. Click here for more details!

It's not too late to start building your boat for 
We already have a couple of teams working on a raft to race down the river? Think you can take them on?
Click here for details on the rules for participants, to download a registration form and sign a waiver.

Stay tuned for pictures from our upcoming Pride of Workmanship Dinner & announcements on this year's recipients!
The Baldwinsville Rotary Club is blooming with new projects, new members and renewed spirit for serving our community. Want to be a part of that? Visit us at a meeting sometime and see what it’s all about! Here’s some more about what we are working on right now…

Pride of Workmanship
Are you a local business owner with great employees? Nominate one for our Pride of Workmanship award and let the whole community know how much their hard work is appreciated. Rotarians pride themselves on having the highest ethical standards in their business practices. Our club provides this award program so others can be honored for doing the same!

Click here to download the application form and get your nomination in by April 12th
Winners will be announced by April 30th

Then we will present the awards at a banquet dinner at the Red Mill Inn on Tuesday, May 10th. 
Click here for more information on Pride of Workmanship and how to contact us if you have any questions!
Many thanks to Rotarians Norma and Marcia for leading the way to reinstate this special program for our community!

Our newest project, Honor Tree, is a fundraiser for Clear Path for Veterans, out of Chittenango. We are selling ribbons for one dollar each, on which you can write a message of appreciation, love or remembrance. We will then use the ribbons to decorate the trees in front of the Baldwinsville Public Library for a week in May, leading up to our town’s Memorial Day Parade.

If you own a local business and would be willing to help sell the ribbons, please contact us at bvillerotary1@yahoo.com.
Follow us on Facebook for updates on when and where we will be out and about selling ribbons!

Even though this isn’t until June 11th, it’s a big project for our club and we’ve been working on it for months.
This is the last chance to get your sponsorships and prizes donated in order to get on the thousands of duck tickets that we print. We will, of course, accept support for the event through the end of May! If you wish to support this event that attracts hundreds of local families for a free festival, we will give you excellent promotion in return. Contact us at senecariverday@yahoo.com or download the sponsor flyer along the right side of the page for details!
Duck tickets are already available online, with a flock of six ducks just $25. First prize is $1,000 cash thanks to George Townsend of Honda City!
We are planning a lot of great activities, entertainment and contests for all ages, including, but not limited to:
Magic Show
Teddy Bear Picnic
Live Music
Karate Demonstrations
Medallion Hunt
Pony Rides 
Coast Guard Water Safety Demonstrations
Bounce Houses
Antique Car Show
Food & Craft Vendors
Home Depot Workshop Tent
Beautiful Fireworks Display – sponsored by Hudson & Mowins Auto Repair

Plus we will have our popular Anything That Floats Contest at 4pm. Click here for details so you can start building your boat today!

And, of course, The Great Seneca River Duck Race will take place at 7pm. Tickets are already available online, will be available from club members later this month and on sale all the way up until about 6pm on Seneca River Day! We are gathering excellent prizes thanks to the support of our local businesses and individuals, including that grand prize.

It is an honor for our club to put together a day that is fun for families and low cost for them to attend. We truly enjoy seeing the same families attending each year, watching their children grow and it is our goal to make this event bigger and better each year. Look forward to seeing you there!
It’s time for the lion so we can go into spring like a lamb! March is going to be full of events for our club and holidays for all, but looking ahead at April it looks a little quieter. So what’s on the agenda? A lot! Here’s the scoop:

March is Literacy Month in Rotary
Each month Rotary focuses on a specific area of service. One of the things we do both locally and abroad is enable people of all ages to learn to read and encouraging reading in general. 
How does Baldwinsville Rotary do this?
We support CNY Books for the World, which sends books to less fortunate areas of the world so their students have the materials needed to learn to read. The containers the books are shipped in are converted into libraries or school room’s and it is an extremely efficient program.
We provide dictionaries to every third grade student in our school district each year. We visit all of the elementary schools to present the books to the students, show them how to use them, show them some neat features inside the dictionaries and give them the opportunity to meet our Youth Exchange student. It is a fun project we intend to carry on as long as we feel the students will value having a paper book in this digital age.
Another way you can join us in a literacy-related event is our next book club meeting. We are all currently reading “Haunted Onondaga County,” by Neil MacMillan. We have arranged for the author to attend our book club and be a part of the discussion with us. We are very excited to have such a special guest and hope you will join us!
Copies of the book are available at Baldwinsville Public Library or for purchase on Amazon.
Food and drinks available for purchase (Dutch treat!).
Tuesday, March 22nd at 7pm at Mohegan Manor
58 Oswego St, Baldwinsville
Share our Facebook event with your friends who would want to come too!
Email us at bvillerotary1@yahoo.com if you have questions about coming to this event.
McHarrie Pointe Hoolie
On Tuesday, March 15th at 7pm we will be once again entertaining the seniors at McHarrie Pointe with our Irish Hoolie. Song, dance and music will spread joy and put smiles on the faces of the residents. This event is very rewarding for our club members to do, even if some of us aren’t exactly singers, and we appreciate member Marv Joslyn for keeping this tradition going. This is one of the many small things we do that mean so much to members of our community. 
You can be a part of this heartwarming service project too! Visit us at an upcoming meeting and learn more about what it takes to become a Rotarian. We would love to have members who would find events like this rewarding.
Pride of Workmanship
After several years without this special event, our club is reinstating this opportunity for local businesses to recognize their most committed employees. This program encourages, recognizes and honors those employees who consistently achieve or strive for the highest personal standards in the workplace.
We are currently accepting nominations for employees you wish to see earn this distinction – download the form here. Awards will be presented at a special dinner for all to attend on Tuesday, May 10th at the Red Mill Inn. 
Get the full details and download a nomination form on our Pride of Workmanship page!

Seneca River Day
The committee planning our annual family festival has already been busy making sure this year’s event will continue to grow and be a huge success. This one-day to-do raises thousands of dollars for the Baldwinsville community through the generosity of our sponsors, the individuals that make it possible and all the people who attend. 
We are currently seeking sponsors to contribute cash and prizes to the cause. We understand how much it takes for business and individuals to support us and we do as much as we can to promote your business in return! Sponsoring Seneca River Day is a great way to promote your business and support your community all at once. Please contact us at senecariverday@yahoo.com or download and submit a sponsor form if you wish to get involved.
If you wish to have a booth at our event you can contact us at SRDVendors@yahoo.com or download and submit this form.
Join and share our Facebook event to get the latest news and information and to invite your friends and family to join you.
Be sure to check our Seneca River Day page on this site for the latest as well!
Even though prizes for The Great Seneca River Duck Race are still being gathered, we can tell you there will be the $1,000 cash prize for the first place duck! You can get your tickets early (and often) using a credit card or PayPal online.
Please be sure to note your phone number on your order so we can call you if you win!

Want to participate in this year’s Anything That Floats contest? Get the full list of rules and detail here, and start building your homemade raft now.
Free to enter (ages 16+) and there are cash prizes!
February is the month of groundhogs, presidents and love. For our club, it’s cookies, snowshoeing and much more! Be sure to check out our calendar of events, along the left of the screen, for our meeting schedule and several special events coming up.
We have been inducting new members every month, so if you join us now you won’t be the only newbie! If you have questions about Rotary, our club specifically or you would like to coordinate a visit to an upcoming meeting, please reach out to us at bvillerotary1@yahoo.com. We love to have visitors and are happy to answer any questions you might have about what it means to be a Rotarian!

Snowshoe & Soup
All Rotarians are invited to attend our third annual snowshoe outing, followed by a warm meal n Saturday, February 13th. Snowshoers are to meet at Beaver Lake Nature Center at 11am and then for a soup making competition after at the Methodist Church at 1pm. You can bring your soup to the church before the hike to stay warm in a crockpot or just join everyone after the hike at the church. Make your most delicious soup to go up against fellow club members and enjoy tasting them all!
For questions, contact even coordinator Marv Joslyn at jsparagus@aol.com.

Next Book Club: March 22nd at Mohegan Manor
The next book to read is “Haunted Onondaga County,” by Neil MacMillan. All copies in the county library system are being directed to the Baldwinsville Public Library and it is available on Amazon here: http://goo.gl/IYxpmh
Give it a read and meet up with us on Tuesday, March 22nd at 7pm at Mohegan Manor, which is featured in the book, for evening refreshment and discussion.
For questions, contact even coordinator Marv Joslyn at jsparagus@aol.com.

Coming up soon…
Hooley at McHarrie Place
Each year we entertain the seniors at Syracuse Home with songs and entertainment in the St. Patrick’s spirit. We are booking it a little early this year and plan to sing and dance on Tuesday, March 15th. If you are interested in getting involved and have a talent to share, please contact us at bvillerotary1@yahoo.com.
Pride of Workmanship Dinner
Have an employee who exemplifies great work ethic? Nominate them for our annual Pride of Workmanship award and present them with the recognition they deserve! The prize is awarded at a lovely dinner at the Red Mill Inn on Tuesday, May 10th, where they can invite family and friends to join them in receiving this special honor. For more information, contact Marcia Benson at mbenson214@aol.com or Norma Widmann at nwidman1@twcny.rr.com