This time of year can be a mixed bag of emotions for people. Some feel festive, give more and frown less. Some are reminded of loved ones lost or memories past. Some have been jaded by the capitalism and commercialization of the holiday. Others are able to focus on the true meaning of the season (and whatever that is in their hearts). It is undoubtedly a busier time of year for many, whether you have to finish something by the calendar year, have family coming to town, more parties to attend or preparations for the change of seasons. So why is now the best time to join Rotary? Let me tell you!
Rotarians can still turn it up a notch at Christmas, but really we have that internal Christmas spirit all year-round. It's that magic that's in the air when everyone around you is there for all the right reasons, with hearts full of kindness and positive energy, that you can find at our club meetings all 52 weeks. We celebrate the holidays with things like our Thanksgiving Dinner the day before the actual holiday, where we'll be sharing what we're all thankful for this year. We have a club Christmas party and an area holiday gathering with five other Rotary Clubs. And we usually take a break from volunteering the week of the holiday to focus on our families and celebrations.
If the holidays are a lonely time for you, it's a great time to make new friends. One of the best things about Rotary are the life-long friendships you will make with people who live right in your community that you've never met before! While working on service projects, enjoying a weekly meeting or just attending a social event, you can't help but connect with people. We all have an easy common ground to start from - we want to help others through service. A great ice-breaker! So don't spend another holiday season feeling alone when our club is at the Red Mill Inn every Tuesday and Wednesday waiting for you!
Whether it's Christmas, Arbor Day or just a Friday, Rotarians put their hearts into it. We aren't a religious group, so you are free to be whoever you are and believe in whatever you choose, but we are sincere and genuine people who can get right to the heart of anything. You have to understand the human element in everything if you want to truly serve others who need clean water, education, care or shelter. 
Volunteering probably sounds like a big investment of your time, which you really don't have during the holidays, but Rotary is getting more flexible all the time. It's not about perfect attendance, but rather about perfect engagement, and what that means to you. If you can't make a weekly meeting, but want to pitch on the day of a fundraiser, we welcome you. If you want to focus on working with youth or seniors and not on fundraising, we welcome you. If you wish to get involved and move up the leadership chain to become Rotary International President, we welcome you. We have a diverse group that already includes leaders, workers, lunchers and committee members. Diversity is important for our club to be successful so feel free to join us at your level, in whatever capacity works for your lifestyle. Oh and bring the kids! We love having kids help us out with projects and to learn service at a young age.
So now you can see how the holidays are the PERFECT time to get involved with Rotary! There's a lot going on with you and with us, but we can make it work to your benefit. Make new friends, find new ways to give back and reconnect with the holidays again.