Posted on Jul 01, 2017
July 1st means a new year in Rotary. That's how our calendar works. With each new years brings many new things for Rotarians, including new leaders, new projects, new starts and new themes. This year's theme is "Rotary: Making A Difference." Rotary International President Ian Riseley says that we can make a difference because Rotarians are "people of action." You will see this phrase more and more throughout the Rotary year as we find a way to sum up everything that Rotary does. 
With five avenues of service, six areas of focus and unique projects across all 34,000 clubs worldwide, it can be hard to tell someone what Rotary is in just one sentence. RI President Riseley hits the nail on the head with "People of Action," because regardless of which activities we do that you are passionate about, we get things done. Whether it's working with youth, providing access to clean water or medical care, working on housing or job creation, promoting peace and cultural awareness, helping mothers and babies, giving more people access to education or eradicating polio - we are getting things done. WE ARE PEOPLE OF ACTION!
Are you a person of action? Do you want to actually accomplish things in your community and make an impact on the world? Oh and have fun while doing it? Then Rotary might just be for you. Membership also comes with the responsibility to be honest, kind and ethical in all you do. You will be asked to use your professional and personal talents to enhance the club. You also need to be open to making new friends, because our group is fun, likes to spend time socializing and we joke around a lot.
If that sounds like something you'd like to be a part of and you are ready to take action, click here to contact us or just stop into a meeting. Our July schedule is just to your right and you can choose a Tuesday evening or Wednesday lunch to come visit. We hope to see you soon!