What are you thankful for this year? Are you thankful for the same things year in and year out, or something new in your life?
Baldwinsville Rotarians have much to be thankful for with the results of their volunteering so far in 2018, including some of the same and some new activities!

Looking back, we have:
-fed hungry children
-helped with the college funds of three high school seniors
-put smiles on the faces of hundreds of senior citizens at our annual picnic
-raised thousands of dollars holding local community events to give back to the community with donations that have helped the disabled, local school groups, veterans and more!
-provided a weekend of leadership training to two local students
-helped refresh the family room at the Salvation Army
-cleaned up along the canal for Earth Day
-started our Acts of Kindness program
And we have a lot more to come!
We will be delivering food and notes of thanks to the poll volunteers on Election Day.
We will hawk newspapers to raise money for the Syracuse Christmas Bureau on Dec 7 & 8.
We will continue monthly challenges for mini acts of kindness our members are incorporating in their daily lives.
We will distribute dictionaries to every third grade student in the school district.
And we will have several opportunities to socialize during the holidays to spread cheer, enjoy each other's company and invite new members into our group!
Are you ready to join us? It starts with a visit to an upcoming meeting. Perhaps you would be interested in learning more about the American Flag or tasting some local hard ciders - we have both coming up this month! Please plan to join us. All meetings will be at the Red Mill Inn.