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Mic's House
1533 W Genesee Rd
Baldwinsville, NY  13027
United States of America

Join us for a fun evening of making fresh cider!
Our member, Mic Jenkins, will welcome us to his backyard to use his antique, hand-powered cider press. We will have donuts, serve some of the fresh cider (hot or cold) and spend time just hanging out.
Bring the whole family and kick off the fall season by showing the kids how cider is made!

Please RSVP by registering to attend with the button on the left side of the page.
We just want an approximate head count so we have enough cups and donuts!

Please bring with you:
-apples (see more on this below)
-containers so you can take home your cider
-lawn chairs if you want to have a seat and socialize
-and wear clothes that can get a little apple pulp and juice on them!

We will provide:
-the cider press
-delicious cider donuts
-cheesecloth to strain all the ciders
-cups for enjoying some of the freshest cider you can get
-a couple of pop up tents to protect us from the elements

More on what apples to bring...
They can be any variety and just about in any condition, even drop apples (ones already on the ground) AND even if they've started rotting or may be wormy. It will all get filtered out in the cheesecloth and all kinds of apples, even a mix of different kinds, will taste great!
To make a gallon of cider, you will need about half of a bushel (or 20 lbs) of apples.
Bring as many or as few as you wish, just remember we have to hand-crank the press!

Please park on the lawn or in the driveway, not along the road.
Mic's house is right across from Beaver Lake Animal Hospital, on the corner of E Mud Lake Road