What is a Corporate Membership?
A Corporate Membership allows a company or organization to join the Baldwinsville Rotary Club with one membership that can be applied to up to four employees. It allows full participation for every member in terms of attending meetings, volunteering and socializing, and creates flexibility in who from the business attends club events.
As you can see from the testimonials below, our corporate members enjoy being more connected to their community by being in Rotary. Our club provides opportunities to give back through service projects that help our youth, seniors, veterans and people in need locally. Just being part of an organization that's focused on helping others will organically open up
opportunities for your business to do the same!
The first step to joining? Visit a meeting! 
We recommend that anyone considering joining Rotary attend a few meetings and have a
one-on-one discussion with a current member to get the full picture of what Rotary membership entails.
View all upcoming meetings on the Meetings tab.

You can also complete and submit a Corporate Membership Application.
The cost of membership is $160/year with the Rotary year beginning July 1.
A pro-rated invoice will be provided if you are joining mid-year. There is a one time fee of $15/additional member upon acceptance into the club.
Employees included in your corporate membership can be updated as needed, but that $15 charge will apply for each change.
If you have questions, please contact us at bvillerotary1@yahoo.com!
What Our Corporate Members Have To Say
"Rotary helps us connect to the community and that creates more opportunities for us to give back"
-WT Brews
"To me Rotary membership means giving back to the community that my business serves. It is very important to me, as my life changes and the opportunity to own and run a local business evolves, that we are a major supporter of our little piece of the world. The team takes great pride in our involvement whether thru volunteer time or money donated. Even though not everyone in the office participates directly, I think they feel they are still part of it as they help both Kathleen and myself with our activities. Plus, I think it sets a great example for our children, our friends, our coworkers and the community that we are all more than our individual selves.
-Scott Northrup, State Farm Insurance
"The Baldwinsville Public Library is grateful to be a corporate member of the Baldwinsville Rotary Club. One of the three goals the Library has is to be seen as an integral part of the Baldwinsville Community and Rotary enables us to work towards that goal. Being able to meet and connect with so many members of the community via Rotary is invaluable as we plan the ways the Library will serve the community. The people I have met in Rotary are great folks who are committed to having a positive impact on the lives of people in the community and worldwide. In the song 'We Are the World' one phrase states, “we are the ones who make a brighter day” and I feel that the members of Rotary embody that sentiment.  I am pleased to be able to be part of Rotary and encourage other organizations and businesses to consider becoming a corporate member."
-Meg Van Patten, Baldwinsville Public Library