Tuesday, October 22nd
5-8pm at WT Brews
18 E Genesee Street, Baldwinsville
Behind the Dollar Tree
Join us for a charity happy hour at an awesome local brew pub!
A portion of all beer sales will go to charity, we'll have a food truck so you can
grab a bite to eat and even have fun with a Halloween-themed activity.
Lil Twisted Food Truck will be on site serving up their delicious take on tacos, burritos and much more!

Stay tuned for:
-details on the Halloween action
-a list of celebrity bartenders you will want to come out and hassle
This event is a partnership between Baldwinsville Rotary, a community service organization
that's been helping others in Baldwinsville for 47 years, and WT Brews,
a B'ville-based farm brewery, serving up local libations and amazing collaborations for charity!
We are pleased to have Lil Twisted Food Truck there to keep us fed as part of this event too!
Not that you should need too much motivation for a happy hour, but you are probably asking yourself,
Why am I being asked to help raise money to fight polio?
Hasn't that disease been gone for a long time?
In America, sure. We're good.
But unfortunately, there are two countries in the world where children are at risk of getting this disease, which can leave them crippled (and often shunned) for life. Afghanistan and Pakistan have had about 75 news cases combined this year. That's WAY down from when the world saw 350,000 new cases each year back in the 1980's, but we are really looking to completely eradicate this thing.
Because of how the disease is transmitted, if it exists anywhere in the world, it can spread.
You might also be wondering, can you really eradicate a disease?
Valid question! It's only ever been done once before in human history (small pox).
But we know we can because we've been doing it all around the world for decades. For the past thirty years, Rotary, in collaboration with the World Health Organization, has checked off country after country, continent after continent, marking them free from polio.
The remaining endemic countries pose a special challenge due to unrest in the region.
Today, not only are we committed, Bill & Melinda Gates are on the project too. They match every dollar contributed 2 to 1.
So each dollar WT Brews donates from your beer purchase at B'ville Pints for Polio will get matched by our Rotary Club and, thanks to the Gates Foundation match, then turns into $6 for the cause!
And then there's a question we get once in a while,
What is Rotary?
Rotary is the world's biggest and best community service organization. There are 35,000+ volunteer-run clubs in communities all around the world, doing projects big (like eradicating polio) and small (helping install a Little Free Library). While doing these projects and fundraisers, members (called "Rotarians") make friends, learn a lot about where they live and gain personal fulfillment from helping others. The Baldwinsville Rotary Club has been around since 1972 and in almost five decades of community service we have fed the hungry, supported our veterans, provided scholarships, built buildings, cleaned parks, encouraged cultural exchange, written A LOT of checks to organizations that provide vital services to our friends and neighbors, and so much more!
We're a fun group that is excited to combine our love of happy hours with fighting polio. We hope you can join us!