Duck Race Results 2018
Here are the winners of last year's Great Seneca River Duck Race:
1st Place: Mary Redmond
2nd Place: Wayne Hamilton
3rd Place: Paul Doane
4th Place: Mike Williams
5th Place: Joy Aukema
6th Place: Katherine Lang
7th Place: T Schrader
8th Place: Bryan Shaffer
9th Place: Janet DeNunzio
10th Place: Lisa Reynolds
11th Place: Ava Lucio
12th Place: Pat Gorman
13th Place: Alexa Piraino
14th Place: Sue Payne
15th Place: Sharon Sessler
Thank you to everyone who bought a ticket. We broke another record!
It was a beautiful day along the river and we are truly grateful to everyone 
who made it possible and everyone who came out to support us!
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