Is Hosting For You?
We are always looking for Youth Exchange host families in the Baldwinsville School District. Is that you?
Many might not realize how easy and rewarding it is to be a host parent. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about hosting to help you understand what the commitment entails. You can also contact us at to speak with past host families about their experiences and get more details on how to begin the process.
Who can host?
Anyone living in the Baldwinsville School District who has a spare bedroom in their home and an open heart! There is an interview and vetting process to be completed, as well as training provided by our District Youth Exchange program, but we would like to have a variety of families to place students with. During their approximate 10 month exchange we place each student with three different families so they can be immersed in more than one experience. Each family has their own traditions and it will enhance their exchange to be a part of them all!
How much does it cost?
It might sound like an expensive venture to add another member to your family, but many of the student's costs are covered. It is expected that host families provide room, board and household/hygiene items for the student, as well as include them in any family activities or trips during their stay. Students are provided a cell phone by their club (or their family back home), have health insurance, and a small stipend for expenses that come up like hair cuts or fun stuff with friends. Most host families just end up spending a little extra on gas and groceries! 
What will be expected of my family?
The goal of an exchange is to share ideas, cultures and traditions in a family setting. We would like you to treat an exchange student as you would your own children - with the same rules, caring, chores and inclusion. The "exchange" part of the program comes when the student shares their culture with your family - through stories, gifts, cooking and more. Your family needs to be open to getting to know this new family member and willing to put a little extra into making sure they acclimate to their new surroundings, new language and new school. You will be provided a handbook so you can be proactive about any challenges you can expect or may encounter and you will have connections with multiple Rotarians that can help at a moment's notice!
Will my student speak English?
Communication can be a concern for anyone interacting with an exchange student, especially the people they live with. The level of their language skills varies when they arrive in America and almost always improves throughout their stay, so d
epending on the timing of your hosting (fall, winter or spring) this may or may not even be an issue. We do hope that host families can assist with any struggles students might experience in mastering English while here. All Youth Exchange students also attend orientations to help them deal with the changes in their surroundings and everyone in the process has access to counselors that are experienced in dealing with these challenges.
How does my student get around?
Transportation for exchange students is a collaborative effort. When it comes to day-to-day things like school, sports, your family functions or events with friends, a host family is responsible for transportation. Just as you would be for your own children. We may sometimes ask host parents to bring their student to a Rotary function too, but often times we will work together to help with transportation for Rotary-related events. A lot of carpooling happens and host parents often work together on these things. You are provided with a full calendar of events for Rotary functions that students must attend. Students are not allowed to drive.
Still have questions? Click here for more FAQ's on our District Youth Exchange web site.

The best way to know if hosting is right for you and your family is to speak to experienced host parents!
Reach out to us at if you would like to connect with some for further discussion about what being a host family entails.
Baldwinsville Youth Exchange
Benefits of Hosting
  • Learn about new food, fashion and culture
  • Most host families consider their students as their adopted family member, building life-long relationships
  • Make global connections - host families that like to travel often visit their student in their home country after an exchange is over
  • Exchange students can inspire their host brothers and sisters to be open to new things
  • Inviting a new energy into your home can have a positive impact
  • Great for empty-nesters who love youthful energy in their home
  • Exchange students are inquisitive and eager to learn about you