January is a notoriously cold month in Central New York. It's also scientifically proven that we get less sunshine than the rest of the country and we know we get a lot more snow than most. Put that all together and it can really get you down! Rotary is a great way to stay connected with others, do rewarding activities and just get you out of the hibernation.
We're Connected
Whether it's at one of our two weekly meetings, at a social event that we do each month or if you are helping at a fundraiser, volunteering with our club gets you connected with other people. We have fun together, work hard together and relax together. Rotarians often form true friendships so the fellowship extends beyond just Rotary meetings to lunches, coffee chats and visits with one another. That can be really helpful for anyone needing a little pick-me-up in the winter.
It's Rewarding
What our club accomplishes, even in the winter months, is fulfilling work. In January alone we will have a board meeting where we consider donations to support local programs, we will honor two students in our Students of the Month program and we will pitch in (in a big way) for The B'ville Big Chill event on January 20th. The latter is a fundraiser for our club and the chamber - a joint effort that's fun and makes a lot of what we do possible. 
So skip the hibernation this year and get to a Baldwinsville Rotary Club meeting! The schedule is along the right side of the page so you can see what's on our agenda. Pick a speaker that interests you or a day and time that's most convenient. See you soon and stay warm!