Baldwinsville Rotary's in-person meetings will be cancelled effective March 18, 2020.
In response to the coronavirus pandemic, we will be leading as role models of social distancing.
We will be having virtual meetings, listed on our Meetings tab. To join a meeting, please email us at!
There will be many people in need as this situation is impacting work, schools, healthcare and more. Here's how Rotary can (and will) help!
Community Service
In connection with schools, churches and other organizations, our club will find ways to help others even while distancing ourselves to prevent spreading the disease. Social distancing has transitions to isolation, and the latest order to shelter in place has further limited travel, but we can still work in small groups to make a big impact. Click here for more on our Backpack Program and Follow us on Facebook for any announcements about how you can help too!
Staying Connected
Our network of members can be there for one another, to maintain that human connection while we are physically apart. Those whose age or health conditions put them at high risk really need to stay home 100% of the time. Our club will be a source of connection to the outside world for them, delivering supplies as needed, as well as emotional support to keep spirits up. Our virtual meetings include a time for everyone to share their blessings and challenges. We want to address each other's individual needs with caring, listening and, when needed, action.
Doing Our Part
By sacrificing our in-person meetings, we are contributing to the social effort of reducing the spread of the virus. The success of this effort truly depends on wide-spread participation. Reducing our personal interactions will be exchanged for increasing our digital communications to ensure we still put Service Above Self!
If you are interested in getting involved, connect with us at or on our Baldwinsville Rotary Facebook page. There is no better time to join Rotary than in a time of crisis, when the need for service is greatest!