We may not have met, yet. 
I don't know where you work or if you are retired.
I have no idea if you have children, grandchildren or a dog.
I would have to guess your favorite hobby or passion in life.
But I can still confidently say that Rotary is for you!
I know this because Rotary, and especially the Baldwinsville Rotary Club, has something for everyone who wishes to give back to their community and help those around them. We work with and serve youth, senior citizens and veterans. We help provide food to those in need. Money we raise goes to help support organizations that are making life better in Central New York. We build things in the community. We clean up our trails and parks. 
If you want to gain leadership skills, we have FREE training. 
If you want to gain leadership experience, we have TONS of opportunity.
If you want to learn new things, the programs at our meetings feature speakers on all topics. We recently learned about beekeeping, drones, charities that provide beds and transportation, and what it takes for your pet to be a therapy animal. We welcomed the police chief and held discussions on how to go green. 
If you want to have fun, we have LOADS of fun in Rotary.
We spent the last eight weeks playing trivia at a local brewery where we sponsored a Trivia for Charity tournament. All teams at that location registered a charity of choice and the top team at the end of the tournament got $1,000 donated to their charity from us (the Rescue Mission got the dough!). We go to plays, sporting events, wine tastings, have picnics together, drink and eat good food, and much more. 
I have never met someone that wouldn't be attracted to any of the things I've touched on here and our Rotary club offers them all: 
-Opportunities to serve
-Leadership growth & experience
-A chance to learn new things
-A lot of fun!
If you are interested in getting involved, it all starts with a visit to an upcoming meeting or event. Check out the meeting schedule along the right side of this page and choose something of interest. Pick a Tuesday evening or Wednesday lunch meeting, whichever is most convenient. If you aren't comfortable walking into a room full of strangers (because who is, really?) just drop us a line on Facebook or email us at bvillerotary1@yahoo.com to make that first connection. Hope to meet you soon and get started serving others, together!